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Common reference material for battalion operations.

The following links are provided here as a convenience but may not be the very latest version.  When in question, any newer material posted by USNSCC NHQ or other authority should be followed.

Know the Difference (Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day)

NTP 13B - Flags Pennants and Customs - A reference guide for National Flag presentation and Colors.

Flag Folding - A reference on how to fold the US flag and the related meanings.

Letters (Morse - Nautical - Semaphore) - A reference for non-verbal communication.

Boating Knots - animated how to tie various knots

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NSCC Basic Seamanship

NSCC HomePort Classroom Lesson Plans - A reference and listing of many PPT and training documents.

NSCC Drug Abuse Zero Tolerance

NSCC Sexual Harassment & Fraternization

NSCC Visual Signaling

5 Core Values

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OMSG reference links:

NSCC Regulations Manual

NSCC Escort Manual

NSCC Admin Manual

NSCC Training Manual

Homeport OMSG sign up page

OPD101 Region 15-2 Presentation