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A Marksmanship training event is in the plans for early spring 2015.  Details will be announced as they are made available.



Marksmanship Event Schedule

Instructor: LTjg Adair

The USNSCC Bataan Battalion offer a wide variety of opportunities for Cadets with an interest in Firing Range Safety, Small Arms Operation and Maintenance, and Shooting Skill Development.

Marksmanship training teaches self-discipline, leadership, tactical and strategic planning, firing range safety and operations, self-reliance, team building skills, and , of course, air rifle and small arms shooting skills.

The program currently includes:

  • Range Rifle Operation and Maintenance
  • 3-position Air Rifle Shooting
  • Opportunities for National Air Rifle Competition (NRA Postal Match)
  • Opportunities for Small Arms Familiarization
  • Opportunities for Small Arms Operation and Shooting Skills
  • Opportunities for Ruger Rimfire Competition
  • Opportunities for Firing Range Logistical Support

The Battalion’s Marksmanship training is funded by contributions earned through Cadet participation in various extra-curricular events including local gun shows and support to multi-day Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) competitions at Founder’s Ranch, located just south of Edgewood, NM. Past events include End of Trail, Buffalo Stampede, and Cops vs. Cowboys. Multi-day events provide Cadets the opportunity to plan, lead, and implement logistical support for Founder’s Range activities and to spend a few days camping at the Bataan Battalion campsite at the ranch.

All Marksmanship activities are conducted under the direction of registered US Naval Sea Cadet Instructors who are National Rifle Association (NRA) certified Range Safety Officers and Rifle and Pistol Instructors. In addition, some instructors are certified Rangemasters and Armorers, and have many years of firearm and instructional experience.

Cadet safety is the primary concern of Marksmanship training. To this end, the program uses the “Qualification Card” concept to ensure that individual cadets are adequately trained and qualified for the specific activities in which they choose to participate.

Range and Firearm Safety: ALL participants in the Bataan Battalion Marksmanship training receive Range and Firearm Safety Training. This training introduces the cadet to the National Rifle Association (NRA) range and firearm safety rules. The training also includes discussion of outdoor range design, operation, and safety rules. All subsequent activities within the program require successful completion of the Range and Firearm Safety training. At completion, each cadet will receive the NRA “Basic Practical” rocker for display on a civilian shirt or jacket.

Air Rifle & Air Pistol Safety and Operation: Cadets choosing to develop their marksmanship skills through the Battalion’s indoor range receive training in either air rifle or air pistol safety and operation. The Battalion uses the Avanti 753 & 853 single shot, .177 caliber air rifle and Avanti 747 single shot, .177 caliber air pistol. Advanced shooters progress to the AirForce Edge compressed air, single shot, .177 caliber Sporter class air rifle. This training is dedicated to safe operation and maintenance of the Academy’s air operated firearms. Basic range and firearm safety instruction is a prerequisite for this training.

Air Rifle & Air Pistol Qualification: Cadets are instructed in 3-position (prone, kneeling, and standing) rifle shooting and 2-position (seated and standing) pistol shooting. The rifle course of fire uses 25-ft TQ-5/5 practice targets and the NRA 10-meter AR-5/10 qualification targets. The pistol course of fire uses the NRA 10-meter B-40 target. The specific course of fire for Marksman qualification follows the NRA American Rifleman and NRA International Air Pistol courses of fire. As cadets develop their skills and progress through respective courses of fire, they are awarded appropriate NRA program patches and rating rockers for the Pro-Marksman, Marksman, Marksman 1st Class, Sharpshooter, and Expert ratings. Cadets successfully completing the Marksman course of fire area also awarded the USNSCC Marksman ribbon. Completing the Sharpshooter and Expert courses of fire qualify for the USNSCC “S” and “E” appurtenances. Cadets achieving the Sharpshooter rifle qualification rating are eligible for NRA postal match competition.

NRA Postal Match Competition: Cadets exhibiting superior rifle shooting skills by achieving the Sharpshooter rating in the NRA American Rifleman course of fire are encouraged to enter and compete in NRA postal match competition. This competition is conducted in the spring and allows the cadet to compete against other USNSCC and JROTC units. The Battalion is a sponsor of at least one competition throughout the year. Cadets may enter other competitions as they are announced.

NRA Basic Rifle and Basic Pistol: Cadets are offered the opportunity to experience rimfire and center-fire shooting at local outdoor ranges. The NRA Basic Rifle and Basic Pistol instruction are offered as mandatory pre-requisites to live-fire activities. These two courses are presented by NRA-certified instructors and address the basics of ammunition and firearm operation, range safety, and shooting fundamentals. Successful completion of the NRA examination is required to pass these courses. Cadets passing these courses are eligible to progress to the regional Ruger Rimfire Competition Series, AR-15 rifle qualification, and M9 handgun qualification.

AR-15 and M9 Qualification: Cadets are instructed on the operation of the AR-15 rifle and M9 handgun. Basic instruction follows OPNAVINST 3591.1E. Live fire activities are conducted at local outdoor ranges with a 1:1 student/instructor ratio. Cadets successfully completing the course of fire are awarded the USNSCC Marksman ribbon and “S” and “E” appurtenances, depending on individual qualification scores. Basic Range and Firearm Safety, NRA Basic Rifle, and NRA Basic Pistol are prerequisites for this activity.

Operations: Operations are those activities necessary to support the Battalion’s Marksmanship training. All cadets are encouraged to volunteer time to training operations. Activities include target scoring, firearm maintenance, advancement, range safety, junior instructors, and equipment management. Cadets desiring to serve as Junior Range Safety Officers for indoor range activities must have achieved the Sharpshooter rating for air rifle or air pistol in accordance with the Battalion’s Marksmanship training.

Fund Raising: Fund raising activities are necessary to support Marksmanship training operations. Expenses include targets, target frames and stands, pellets, firearm spare parts, and replacement equipment. The program has established two primary fund raising venues: local gun shows and logistical support to Single Action Shooting Society and other events at Founder’s Ranch, in Edgewood, NM. Gun shows offer an opportunity to solicit donations from show attendees, develop networks within the shooting community, and market the USNSCC and the Battalion. Gun shows are held at the New Mexico State Fair Grounds and typically involve 8-hours of participation each day on show weekends.

The Battalion has a written agreement with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) to provide logistical support during SASS events. Events are scheduled through the spring, summer, and fall and are several days in length. Cadets are offered the opportunity to camp at Founder’s Ranch during the events. Support activities include range maintenance, brass collection, target setting, refuse collection and recycling, and other logistical operations as requested. Any cadet volunteering to support SASS events is required to receive instruction on 2-way radio communications including radio operation, appropriate and inappropriate transmissions, FRS/GMRS band requirements and restrictions, and radio handling techniques.